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A Summer Stroll "A Summer Stroll" Bluegrass Afternoon "Bluegrass Afternoon" Bluegrass At Daybreak "Bluegrass At Daybreak" Bluegrass Friends "Bluegrass Friends"
Bluegrass Summer "Bluegrass Summer" Bluegrass Summer I "Bluegrass Summer I" Bluegrass Summer II "Bluegrass Summer II" Bluegrass Sunset "Bluegrass Sunset"
Bourbon Barrel Rick "Bourbon Barrel Rick" Bourbon Copper Kettles "Bourbon Copper Kettles" Bourbon Country "Bourbon Country" California Chrome - Classic-Winning Champion "California Chrome - Classic-Winning Champion"
Evening Meadow "Evening Meadow" Galloping Before The Storm "Galloping Before The Storm" Grazing By The Lake "Grazing By The Lake" Kentucky Legacy "Kentucky Legacy "
Kentucky Morning Turnout "Kentucky Morning Turnout" Kentucky Sunrise "Kentucky Sunrise" Kentucky's Bluegrass Seasons "Kentucky's Bluegrass Seasons" La Levade "La Levade"
Late Bluegrass Afternoon "Late Bluegrass Afternoon" Morning Paddock Light "Morning Paddock Light" Morning Solitude "Morning Solitude" Mother's Watch "Mother's Watch"
Summer Pasture "Summer Pasture" The Filly Paddock "The Filly Paddock" The Work Horse "The Work Horse" Thoroughbred Breeze "Thoroughbred Breeze"
Training Barn Paddock "Training Barn Paddock" True Kentucky "True Kentucky" White Bluegrass Fences "White Bluegrass Fences"