"Down To The Wire"

Located in "Louisville Airport"

Down To The Wire

Down To The Wire. Thoroughbreds and their jockeys strain in the last furlong of a tight race going "down to the wire". Doug Prather sharply focuses his camera on the raw intensity of horse and rider in this duel, as well as on the brilliant racing colors of this grand "Sport of Kings".

88.5"h x 40"w x 5/8"d Signed Fine Art Panel (Borderless - Airport Size)).
This matte finish comes ready to hang. It is perfect with any decore with it's black matte edge and no need for framing. This unique process shows off the amazing brilliance of Doug's artwork with unsurpassed durable color.

Custom sizes & installations available upon request.

NOTE: See our short video at the bottom of this page that explains Doug's special art Process.
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Doug Prather's Chromaluxe Process