"Remuda Sunset"

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Remuda Sunset

Remuda Sunset. A "Remuda", historically, is a herd of horses that ranch hands select their mounts from. The word is of Spanish derivation, for 'remount' i.e. "change of horses" and is commonly used in the American West.

In both historical and modern times, the necessity of rounding up cattle from the open range is a job primarily performed by a cowboy mounted on a his horse. Historically, the long-distance cattle drives required cattle to first be gathered, then herded over long distances, often requiring several weeks of travel.

Today, though cattle are usually rounded up and herded only as far as a decent road where they can be loaded onto livestock trailers or semi-trailers, the terrain as well as unpredictable behavior of cattle render motorized vehicles virtually useless for rounding up and herding. Thus, in modern times, the use of quality ranch quarter horses remains essential.

The 6666 Ranch is a leading producer of the world's finest quarter horses in all disciplines: racing, working/ranching/cutting; showing, reining, barrel racing and many other quarter horse sports.

30.5w" x 23h"
Printed using museum grade archival inks and printed on 255 gram archival premium fine art velvet paper.

Signed & Numbered Edition of 750 Prints
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