"Autumn Paddock- A portrait of El Prado"

Located in "Fall"

Autumn Paddock, a portrait of El Prado, the champion gray Throughbred stallion sire of horses in his  paddock. Brilliant fall tree colors of the Bluegrass on Airdrie Stud

"Autumn Paddock was a gift from the Lord", says Doug. "It was a beautiful, crisp autumn day on Airdrie stud. I saw this wonderful composition of the sun lit golden tree and it's graceful bowing limb in contrast to the dark receding horse fence that disappeared over the hill. I thought to myself, wouldn't it be a fantastic picture if that stallion, El Prado, would come and stand under that tree branch. As I said, it was a beautiful day and I was daydreaming and simply enjoying the beauty of the farm, when I looked up and here comes the stallion up the fence line. When he reaches the top of the hill, he turns to his left and walks to the base of the tree. ...Then he turns around again walks a few steps and strikes a near perfect Thoroughbred horse conformation pose. I was going crazy as this happened! This has never happened before. I know it was a special gift ...a wonderful blessing. Thank you, Jesus!!

Print Size: 24" x 36". Printed using museum grade archival inks and printed on 260 gram archival premium fine art velvet paper.
Signed Artist Edition.
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