Doug Prather signing draws large crowds at the AAEP and WVC Conferences

Doug Prather signed 2,000 limited edition signed and numbered prints in the Fort Dodge Booth at the 2008 AAEP booth in San Diego, CA. Fort Dodge Animal Health commissioned a special equine print of Doug's for the event which was prersonalized to veterinarians from every state and over 15 countries. Continuous crowds of people wrapped the booth during his signing times for four days. Needless to say, after it was over Doug's hand was a little tired. Doug said, "It is a great feeling to know that my prints are so appreciated. So many people have collected my prints from the WVC and AAEP, starting back in New Orleans five years ago. I am also grateful to Ft. Dodge and their parent company, Wyeth Pharmaceutical, the makers of Advil® pain medicine, because I am going to take a couple of Advil right now to relieve my hand cramps!!", Doug joked.

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