50 Oversized New Doug Prather Images Have Now Been Installed In The Louisville International Airport Entrances

(Louisville, KY) The Paradies Shops are proud to exhibit the artwork of world-renowned photographer and Kentucky native, Doug Prather. These fine art images, as well as other images by Doug Prather, are available for purchase in the Churchill Downs Shop in the Main Terminal.

Most of the images are 60" wide by 40" tall with two images reaching 84" wide by 40" in height.

These photo panels displayed utilize a unique process in which inks are infused into a specially coated material to produce unsurpassed color brilliancy, superior fade protection and scratch resistance.

For more imformation on purchasing these panels in a variety of sizes contact our office at or callling (800) 854-5613

Doug Prather Meets A Curious Giraffe on a Photo Shoot

Doug Prather's carreer is filled with remarkable photographic adventures spanning the globe: Morning dawns in New Zealand paddocks, 3-Day Eventing in Rio, scenic Tuscany images from Italy, as well as breathtaking equine images from all over the U.S. He has never quite encountered an event such as this. Toay's camera allow for video as well as still capture.

Enjoy this funny encounter with a young curious giraffe friend....

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Doug Prather feature article in EQUESTRIAN (Jan/Feb, 2013) Issue EQUESTRIAN is the official publication of the USEF (United States Equestrian Foundation)

Click here to read the article.

Doug Prather signing draws large crowds in California at AAEP Convention

Doug Prather signed limited edition signed and numbered prints in the Pfizer Animal Health Booth during the 2012 AAEP (American Association of Equine Practitioners Annual Convention) in Anaheim, CA. Pfizer Animal Health commissioned a special California-related equine print from Doug for this event.

Bill Rood, of Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital, in Lexington, with Doug, Roy Roger's horse and dog (Trigger and Bullet), at the AAEP Convention.

DOUG PRATHER Official Photographer for the Disney Company for the Lexington Screening of the movie, SECRETARIAT
Equine Photographer DOUG PRATHER Installs Photographic Montagés In Lexington's New Hilton Downtown Hotel

A new summer seasonal photograph titled Late Bluegrass Afternoon by the internationally renown and Lexington-based equine photographer Doug Prather has just been installed in the new Hilton Downtown Hotel. This dramatic image is at the top of the escalators on the Ballroom/ Conference level.

Thoroughbred yearlings graze in their paddock on a beautiful afternoon in the Bluegrass just after a late summer shower has ended. The farm is Manchester Farm, located on Van Meter Road, on the south side of Lexington, next to Calumet Farm and the Keeneland Race Course.

This 20-panel installation is 22 feet tall and 16 1/2 feet. The printing technique used to produce these photographic images is called dye sublimation and were created here in Kentucky by Unique Imaging Concepts, Inc. of Louisville. This unusual printing technique uses specific dyes, heat and pressure to transfer the printed image below the surface, permanently embedding the ink into the polymer coating of these special hardboard panels. The final result is a durable, brilliant color image that will last indefinitely. This sublimation montagé is the largest of it’s kind in the U.S.

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Images by Doug Prather will be changed throughout the year. In mid-September a new Fall image will replace the summer image

The Doug Prather EQUESTRIAN 2009 Calendar -Wins of Two PIAS Awards... AGAIN!!!

LEXINGTON, KY, July 12, 2009— The DOUG PRATHER EQUESTRIAN 2009 CALENDAR, published by Red Sky Publishing, Inc. recently received won TWO PIAS awards- "Best of Category" and the "Award of Excellence" in the calendar category from the Printing Industry Association of the South (PIAS) at their recent 35th annual convention.

The PIAS Awards recognize and award excellence in design, creativity, production and printing quality, in the printing and publication professions.

"I am extremely delighted to have been honored, particularly that this is the second straight year of my equine performance calendar and to have won such coveted printing awards. I am deeply humbled that Lithographics printing company selected the Doug Prather EQUESTRIAN Calendar to have been entered," said Doug Prather. Doug Prather also has his very popular BLUEGRASS Calendar which has been annually produced since 1994. In addition to a large series of limited edition signed and numbered art prints and canvases, Red Sky Publishing, Inc. also has published the table top and limited edition book, PRIVATE ACCESS, which won the 2006 Best Pictorial Book of the Year Award by American Horse Publications.

Doug Prather Article featured in Kentucky Living (PDF)

Click here to read the Doug Prather article in Kentucky Living

The Doug Prather EQUESTRIAN 2008 Calendar -Winner of Two PIAS Awards- "Best of Category" & "Award Of Excellence"


On June 23, 2007, Rallie McAllister, the Author of PRIVATE ACCESS Behind The Gates of America's Premiere Horse Farms and Ranches, accepted the coveted FIRST PLACE "BEST PICTORIAL BOOK" AWARD award at the American Horse Publication's Annual Awards Banquet in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Participation in this year’s contest represented 1,006 entries. Held since 1977, the AHP Annual Awards Contest provides members with an opportunity to be recognized for excellence in equine publishing as well as professional critiques for improvement.

Quoting from the Presentation....

“A truly magnificent book, with the presentation being the perfect venue for the subject matter. The farms and ranches shown here are all the best of the best, and the photography, layout, writing and overall quality match them. The fact that this is a limited edition, put it in a different class from other books here, which were done by commercial publishers and hence had to conform to a business model. This book clearly did not. It looks like a labor of love and art.”

The Lexington Airport Displays Doug Prather's Equine Art

On June 2007, The Lexington-Herald featured a color page one feature on Doug's Kentucky canvases and images from the 2006 World Equestrian Games canvases in the Lexington Bluegrass Airport. To View the airport's installation or the paper's article click below.

Herald Leader Article

Doug Prather signing draws large crowds at the AAEP and WVC Conferences

Doug Prather signed 2,000 limited edition signed and numbered prints in the Fort Dodge Booth at the 2008 AAEP booth in San Diego, CA. Fort Dodge Animal Health commissioned a special equine print of Doug's for the event which was prersonalized to veterinarians from every state and over 15 countries. Continuous crowds of people wrapped the booth during his signing times for four days. Needless to say, after it was over Doug's hand was a little tired. Doug said, "It is a great feeling to know that my prints are so appreciated. So many people have collected my prints from the WVC and AAEP, starting back in New Orleans five years ago. I am also grateful to Ft. Dodge and their parent company, Wyeth Pharmaceutical, the makers of Advil® pain medicine, because I am going to take a couple of Advil right now to relieve my hand cramps!!", Doug joked.

Covers by Doug Prather



THE HORSE AAEP Convention Wrap Up